What I Offer

My approach is not a “one size fits all” model. Not everyone has the same needs or are at the same level. Your training is simply that, your training. We will work to simulate the conditions you will be in to build your confidence and to provide any needed correction. If we need to, we can start at the very beginning by looking at your motive and what building blocks you will need to progress. You can rest assured that the focus will be on making improvements that will last so that you can find continued success in your verbal English communication.

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Mission Statement

My mission is very clear. I want to help those who have the tools necessary to improve on their English speaking ability to reach their goals. When I started learning Korean, I was often told that my Korean was bad, that people in Korea would never understand me and I was rarely, if ever offered help to improve. But through trial and error, as well as thousands of dollars spent on trying to improve, I was able to reach my goals to the point of being able to give speeches in Korean in Korea and be understood. I know what it is like to be doubted and to not get the help you need. That is why I am here to help those who are serious about improving and reaching their highest level.

We will work together to help you to improve and to gain the confidence you need to succeed.

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